Butts Family Reunion June 19, 2020








The Butts Family Reunion

JUNE 19-21, 2020

Welcome to the Butts Family Reunion website! This site will contain information regarding family reunion information for the descendants of  Johnny, Walter, Romine, Rena, Laura, and Kelsie Butts.

The Butts Family Reunion will be held Friday, June 19th – Sunday, June 21th, 2020 in Norfolk, Virginia.  More information coming soon.



Norfolk is home to the world’s largest naval base and the North American Headquarters for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).  USA Today called Norfolk one of the Top 10 booming downtowns, recognizing a decades-long housing, retail and financial boom in Norfolk.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Things To See And Do In Norfolk


With over 60 different gardens to explore, the gardens have something for every season and every taste. Some of the gardens showcase styles from different parts of the world, while others are focused on one particular type of plant. There are gardens of intense fragrance and color, and there are some for reflective contemplation. There are several that offer manicured formality, but they also have many places where nature rules, and these are some of the best to see local birds and other wildlife.


The WOW Children’s Garden offers opportunities for learning and exploration for family members of all ages. Trek across the globe in our world-themed splash fountains and Passport Gardens, see, smell, and touch edible plants on Discovery Peak, and take a nature walk through our Plant Safari habitat gardens. Daily activities include guided and self-guided discovery stations, scavenger hunts, crafts, and walking tours.


The Sail Nauticus Academy is a flagship program, created to provide a life-changing experience for underserved youth in the local community. Through a partnership with Norfolk Public Schools, students are given the opportunity to participate in a program that promotes STEM activities, career development opportunities and life skills through the sport of sailing.

A prospective Academy student begins by applying in 5th grade. Applications are available at all Norfolk Public elementary schools, and a member of the staff gives a presentation at each school during the winter months. Of the hundreds of applications received, each will be thoroughly reviewed. At the end of this process, future Norfolk Public Schools 6th grade Academy students are selected.

Beyond Academy

Enrollment in the Academy comes with a one year commitment. To participate again in their 7th, then 8th, grade year, each student must complete the basic requirements for their grade level. Upon completion of their 8th grade year, our kids will have the opportunity to return as volunteers to enhance their sailing and teaching skills. The goal is to turn a handful of these students into junior sailing instructors.

The summer camps and adult programs help fund Sail Academy.